DedSet acquires ex-Team Noxide

Thu 7th Dec 2017 - 7:40am Gaming

With the ending of the last dS.CSGO, we felt like there was a little piece of us missing. Having been involved in the Oceanic Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community since our inception back in late 2016, it was the first time as an active organisation, that we were without a roster.

Biding our time & waiting for the right opportunity, we were contacted by what is now the ex-roster of the former organisation, Team Noxide. After discussions with the team, it was clear that they were a committed & driven team who could take us to places in the Oceanic CS:GO community that we had never been before.

We are also very excited to have the team represent us at the upcoming Australian Esports Masters Season 3 LAN finals on December 9th/10th but unfortunately, with such limited time before the event, we were unable to organise gear for the players, although make sure to keep an eye out for the team at their next LAN as they will be sure to be rocking our new jersey which should be announced soon.

We're really excited for what this team can do in the future with our ongoing support & their determination to succeed.

The new and improved dS.CSGO roster consists of:

• Diinky
• JD
• pad0s
• geek
• KenNee
• jkr

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