DedSet acquires Evolution

Fri 14th Jul 2017 - 9:30am Gaming

Following on from our announcement yesterday, we would officially like to announce DedSet's venture into the H1Z1 scene. We have previously mentioned multiple times before about how our goal for 2017 was to expand and grow as an organisation and we feel that delving into H1Z1 would be a perfect step towards building a bigger and better DedSet. So please help us in welcoming dSH1Z1!

The roster for the AU H1Z1 Scrims is: 

• Buucky [c]
• Veravoota
• UltraBait
• Pearls
• Cozzaa
• Fiend

Here's what Buucky, Captain & IGL, had to say about joining DedSet;

Originally posted by Buucky:
Our team has been through alot of ups and downs lately, a recent roster change and shuffle in the team dynamic had us in an awkward spot. We worked hard and overcame any problems we had, to now be in a great spot with the strongest team cohesion we have ever had.
Us joining with DedSet comes at the perfect time, we are all commited to working together to be the best we can be. With DedSet commited to supporting us and giving us the framework we need, we are keen to move forward as a team and see how far we can take this to achieve great things.
Working together with DedSet is something we are all very excited about. I know the boys are keen to work hard, prove ourselves and we are excited to see what our future holds. 


The team will officially be debuting in tonight's AU H1Z1 Scrims starting at 7pm.

If you want to keep up-to-date with DedSet on Social Media, you can find us on Twitter and Facebook.





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