Getting to know ANZ H1Z1: Team Folo

Fri 15th Sep 2017 - 10:00am Gaming

When I began writing my article on the ANZ scrims scene I wanted to include Team Folo since they had been making such a stir on twitter recently. I didn't really know much about the players themselves so I reached out to Team Captain Midzy for some information. It started as a casual conversation but Midzy's answers were so well thought out and written that it sort of turned into an actual interview. With all the hype behind them I thought some of you guys might be interested to hear what he had to say.

So here is my interview with Midzy.

Buucky: Hey dude

Midzy: Hey man

Buucky: I just wanted to have a yarn about team folo.

Midzy: Yeah too easy brother.

Buucky: I'm doing a write up about aussie scrims and I'm gonna mention you boys, I just wanted to make sure I had my stuff straight before I wrote it.

Midzy: haha awesome dude! Thanks for including us. What can I tell ya about Folo?

Buucky: You guys were all irl mates before making the team? All live near each other?

Midzy: Yeah mostly dude. I guess the majority of our group mostly grew up together. Played a lot of games together etc. We met Spagz online a few yrs ago. He lives in Sydney.
He flies up when he can and hangs out. Weve been to his bucks, wedding and stuff. So he fit in real well. Same as Flippers, We've never personally met but he has been with the lads for ages too.
He could handle all our shit talk babble, so he stuck around. We all started H1Z1 back in Z1 release. Played on and off. Eventually gave ourselves a team name, which is Folo.

Buucky: How did you come up with the name Folo?

Midzy: That name has absolute no meaning other than, when we play h1, its either in Solos...Duos(so we called that Dolos), then Fives (Folos) which is where we enjoy hanging out.

Buucky: Thats awesome dude

Midzy: I think the core of us who grew up in the same town, hold the team down with mateship, and others just eventually joined the fold through gaming.

Buucky: So did you guys get into scrims early on?

Midzy: Our interest in scrims started really early on. I use to see all the american streamers scrim against other teams. After seeing that, I knew I had to get the lads together and try our hand at it.
I seen some aussie guy in the chat say something about there being AU scrims. So I did some digging, found Prev and lodged our team app. We started about 3 weeks before they ended the original
format of scrims (ladder point point system, held once weekly). Since then we havent missed too many games. We record our games in our own spreadsheet. So far we are on 93 games or so.
So yeah, kinda been around a little while now.

Buucky: I saw that spreadsheet on the twitter today. Hardcore effort.

Midzy: haha, man I originally started that because I knew one day, results would need to be proven in some aspect. We were ready for that. So I designed the spreadsheet.
Screenshots are linked from every placement. Even though we dont win, our results are pretty good. I go by the saying "if your not assessing, you are guessing".
Its helped the lads maintain the competitive mindset to always aim for that win/top5/top10 place.

Buucky: So whats your playstyle? You mob like to be aggressive? Sit back and wait? Jump in cop cars and do burnouts till you run out of fuel?

Midzy: Our playstyle...

Midzy: Its a mix of those. We know the primary aspect of scrims is survival over kills essential. If you can make end game with all members up, decent loadouts, you are in for a chance.
So in saying that, we will select our spot on the map and go and hold it. We will be aggressive to push teams away from us and hopefully manipulate others to fight each other.
When push comes to shove in a smaller circle, for sure we have to be aggressive to take a spot if we have to.

Midzy: But yeah, we love a bit of laughs to early game.

Buucky: Yeah I can tell from your twitter you guys love a laugh.

Buucky: How do you compare prac nights when you get to compete against Div 1 teams to a standard Div 2 game? Is there any big difference?

Midzy: To be honest, we haven't done too many prac nights. Back when it was 3 nights a week, 3 games a night, that was heaps of game time. We decided to rest up on prac nights and chill.
Playing too much can burn out the team with the stress of a scrim. That way we remain fresh for the real deal. However we have scrimmed with div 1 prior to division splits.
We came close a few times to winning. We also did a sneaky prac night just the other week when it was the new combat patch. We made it to late game, 4th or something and mixed it up well with some div 1 teams.

Buucky: Yeah burnout is a big factor.

Buucky: So what do you reckon are your strengths and weaknesses? Who would you say are your best players?

Midzy: Strengths as a team: We are all RL mates who get along. We are all adults, so we dont bitch about the small things. We all know how to communicate with each other. Weve never had any real major dramas as a team.
When it comes to strategy, it doesn't matter if its the right call or wrong call, we are all onboard with the decision. I think we also know how to back each other up fairly well in gunfights.

Buucky: Thats an awesome attitude to have. Alot of these teams with younger guys on them could learn alot from that.

Midzy: Team Weaknesses: Sometimes we can over think a situation. Sometimes we have a rogue element to our playstyle that finds one of us down early in the game. However I think we are on top of that now with our mindset change
of surviving till late game.

Buucky: You are IGL?

Midzy: I am the captain. I manage the team, gee them up, makesure everyone is on board with everything they need to be know. Shetty is our IGL and I support him in that role.
He is ascertive and has intelligent ingame play and can get the team on alert with no bs. If he goes down, I am IGL.

Midzy: In terms of our players...

Midzy: I personally think the best overall player we have that is a mix of good shooting, thinking and can follow when asked is Spinal. Cool and calm. In terms of sheer aggressive play, thats our man Spagz.
He loves a good fight and will run to it. He knows his place though in scrims. I think Flippers is our young gun who is the most "nutty" in terms of skill.

Midzy: Shetty in IGL and has mad skill. I'd choose him to clutch a game out of anyone in our side.

Midzy: Doesnt leave much for myself haha. Nah mate Im..for lack of a better description, the guy who keeps the team level headed and grounded when it needs to. Good support play and can make the shots required at times.
The lads look to me to bring balance to the squad and can definitely put anyone inline when its rarely required.

Buucky: Don't sell yourself short mate, that is a vital part of any team. The people making the hero plays may get all the glory but they don't get the chance to make those plays without people like you to get them there.

Midzy: Haha thanks mate. Appreciated.

Buucky: You guys keen for the private server? All the cheaters on public have made the game a chore to play lately.

Midzy: We are super keen on the private server. Straight away the boys were stoked we got in. It brings another level of competition to the scene. With the state of public servers and cheaters, yeah man its getting a bit on.
Although when we roll as a team in public 5s, we are in it to have fun, laugh, unwind from a scrim and perhaps try put a kill count on. Lately though with hackers we arent going on public too much.

Buucky: Yeah the game is in a bad state with cheaters. Especially in AUS region.

Buucky: Well thanks for the info mate, I'll try to work it into the piece im writing.

Buucky: Anything else you want to say?

Midzy: Awesome mate. Thanks so much for hitting us up. We appreciate it lots. Last words...we are the Div2Kings.

Buucky: #DivFolo.

So hopefully you now have a better understanding of one of the most recognizable teams in Div 2. You can see videos of the FoloMobile and other hype pieces on the teams twitter which can be found HERE.

-Written by Buucky

You can find me on twitter @Buucky__ to keep up to date with my work.




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