A look back on the ANZ competitive H1Z1 scene

Fri 8th Sep 2017 - 8:30am Gaming

With the AU/NZ competitive scene about to switch over to private servers and some big changes happening in the game I thought now would be a good time to give an update on the scene. Back in June, Demize wrote an excellent article that serves as an intro to the teams that can be found HERE. Since then there has been a lot of roster changes and developments within the community so I thought I would give my own run down on the ANZ H1Z1 competitive 5's scene.

Harry and Prevoqe, supported by their dedicated group of moderators have put in an incredible amount of time and effort to establish the thriving competitive scene that we have today. Splitting the teams up into 2 divisions (with a third division currently being added) gave us all the chance to compete against teams of matching skill level and establish which teams are the best. Now that we have had a few months of competition and the teams have settled in here is my own look back on the ANZ competitive 5s teams.

(Listed team rosters are not necessarily current. Shown rosters are a mix of players with the most time in the team and most influential players in the team over the course of scrims to this date.)

The three top dogs in the scrims scene right now are Trident eSports, Tainted Minds and Control. All 3 teams have consistently performed well and have established themselves as the clear leaders. The results we have seen so far show us that it takes more than just having a team of good shots to win. We have very highly skilled players on teams that aren't winning. And teams with average skilled players getting wins.

There is a lot of factors that determine success in scrims, here are a few I would like to focus on:

1. Teamwork.

2. Individual skill

3. A bit of luck

The level of skill of each individual and how well they are able to function as part of a team will determine how much the team is able to capitalize on their luck in any given game. We often see endgame situations where one team will be in a great spot with a clear advantage then they get unlucky and have the safe zone move and force them into a bad position.
Sometimes the best players in the game get wiped very early on simply due getting a bad spawn or bad luck with their loot.

It is when a good team gets a little bit of good luck, then capitalise on that luck that we see the epic games that have us all on the edge of our seats. Hazy vs Sycaz in the 1v1 with the shottys. Control with a nasty head glitch wiping Vox as they pushed the side of the mountain. The games that get your heart racing that reminds us all why we love to compete.

So let's take a look a deeper look at the top teams in Division 1.

Synq / Sycaz / Suspect / Nitro / Hound / vLusty

Trident takes the number 1 spot with a total of 18 wins. Lead by Synq, the incredible raw aim of both Suspect and Sycaz is well supported by Hound and Nitro. Synq consistently puts his team in strong positions that carries them into the late game. With the awesome firepower of Suspect and Sycaz available to unleash when the time is right, if Trident catch you in a bad spot it is usually game over.
Hound and Nitro are great support players who will do what they are told and fill in any gaps that might arise while Suspect and Sycaz are focused on getting kills. A team of highly skilled individuals who are able to put it all together well and get the job the done. Team captain Synq was recently banned for cheating, while the ban was quickly lifted after appealing to Daybreak staff it caused a shockwave of uncertainty to ripple through the community. Hopefully Synq can move forward and clear his name without this effecting him too much. Based off the total win tally it is clear that Trident are the best team in Division 1 right now.
Can they hold on to the top spot through this transition phase? Time will tell.


Prevoqe / Joshiie / Lorel / Moot / Ch4rle / Bruv

Tied at number 2 in overall wins is Tainted Minds. Early on in the scrims scene Tainted was easily the best team. Made up of old school veterans of the game they are always calm under pressure and able to perform.
Tainted are probably the best team to watch and learn from if you want to pick up good habits. Prevoqe seems to always find the best spot in the safe zone and they are nearly impossible to force out of it.
They will calmly and quietly wipe teams before the other team even knows where they are. Ch4rlie's top tier aim and game sense is very well supported by Lorels experience and willingness to put himself in danger to help his team mates. Moot, Bruv and Joshiie rounding out the team with their excellent communication and their own ability to make big plays when the time is needed is a big asset. The strongest aspect of Tainted is their teamwork and ability to stay calm. While other teams have now caught up to Tainted, they were far and away the best team early on in scrims.


delusioN / JCG / nnodnarb / Vamp / Phlux / slaya

Tied with Tainted Minds at number 2 in wins is Control. Very highly skilled players with a long history of playing together they were able to translate the skills they picked up from other shooters over into H1. Early on they relied purely on winning aim duels, (which they usually won) but once they started to play for better positions on the map they quickly became one of Australias best teams. While other teams would run from confrontation in the early stage of the game, Control would seek out early fights to wipe a team and get their loot. With the aim to back up their aggressive playstyle they are one of the scariest teams to run into. Having a lot of hours played together they are able to read and support each other's plays intuitively. delusioN and Phlux are the stand out players for me. Both sharing the decision making and coming up clutch when needed. The strongest aspect of Control would be their communication. Clear, concise and calm. In super intense 5v5 situations they are able to share vital information to allow each other to make the right decisions as fast as possible. With the games moving to private servers I think Control will prove themselves to be the best team in ANZ.

Demize / Hazy / Pacy / 2Hopp / Lachie / Mav / HarryBotheadxo

One of the frontrunners early on in scrims Corvidae has struggled to keep momentum through roster changes and player injury. Harry being sidelined with health issues and a couple of roster changes made it rough going for Corvidae for a while. They leveled out with a few nice pickups and are starting to mesh together well and get results. Pacy is a great young talent and Hazy joining as IGL is a huge asset for the team. In my opinion he is the best IGL in the game and a highly skilled player able to perform when it matters most. The stability and knowledge that Demize and 2hopp bring to the team is also going to play a part in the future of Corvidae. I have high hopes that Corvidae can return to their former glory.


50Shades / Colje / Bullnizzle / Kure / Rektnub

Avant Garde has the highest skill ceiling of any team in the competition. With Colje who is the best player in the region. Period. An absolute master of every aspect of the game he is a force to be reckoned with. Bullnizzle has incredible aim and movement as seen in his famous montages. Kure has proven himself to be a top level player willing to grind and put in the work to get the results he wants and Shades coming back from representing our region at the Atlanta Invitational and securing a number 2 result against the best in the world speaks for itself. Proving he can perform under the highest levels of pressure he is a huge asset to this team. When they are all on their A game they are unstoppable. However, a seeming lack of motivation to compete has held this team back from being at the top of the leaderboards with Avant missing a lot of games throughout the seasons. Hopefully, with scrims moving to a private server and removing some of the randomness it will reinvigorate Avant to be there every night to reach their full potential and show us what they are truly capable of.


Veravoota / Cozza / Fiend / Robin / Braith / shnkz

A relatively new team, Dedset was formerly Evo. With only Voota and Cozza left of the original team they have proven their commitment and resolve. Evo was a team at a breaking point with internal conflicts and no clear leader. When the pressure was put on it was found that some people weren't suitable for the team and asked to leave. Some left of their own accord. The end result left Dedset with a dedicated core willing to put in the work to become the best. Showing their dedication Voota and Cozza are nicely supported by Fiend. All 3 willing to put the team above themselves and do whatever is needed has been a key factor in retaining their Division 1 spot throughout the turmoil. Robin and Braith coming in brought some much-needed firepower and gave the team confidence to face off against the best in the game. Now with a strong foundation, they are able to focus and work on the finer points of being a competitive team and move forward. Strong positioning and decision making is the key to Dedsets success, with the addition of some incredible shots in Robin, Braith and Shnkz they now have all the ingredients to become one of the best teams in ANZ.


Ether / Phreek / optix / SID9k / Diemuppet / Sokka / Pearls

Surge have been up and down in scrims but have been finding great form lately. One of the youngest teams in Div 1 what they lack in experience they make up for in effort. Always grinding and working on their skills together Surge are very often found wreaking havoc in public lobbies. Ether (with the best selfie game in Aussie H1) makes great calls and puts the team in strong positions that let the great shots of Pearls and Sid shine. If Surge can get a hold of the 308 it will usually end up in the hands of Muppet where he can do massive damage. Usually favouring aggressive plays Surge are one of the teams which dictate the pace of a game. While others may sit and wait for things to happen, Surge will decide what they want and then work towards it. With a lot of top 3 finishes, they are a very formidable team who I expect big things from in the future.


Bosnian / BenMF / Rokkii / Disarray / Wooza / Woofn

Masterminds is another team that has suffered from disruptions due to roster changes. If anyone is able to get them back on track to winning it is Bosnian. An experienced veteran of the game with a great shot and decision making he has the backing of one of the best orgs in Australia right now. BenMF keeps a calm head and offers valuable input in intense situations with Wooza and Woofn there to support in any way needed. Disarray has a nasty shot and is able to make big plays with the support of Rokkii. Bosnian is one of the most dedicated people in the scene so with his guidance and the skill set of the players the future looks bright for MasterMinds.


Boomer / Jordyx3 / Sixo / Fenix / Lockdown / Dexzeh

At the start of competition Vox were considered to be the most promising team. Made up of some of the best talent in the region it is a stark reminder that more than aim is needed to be successful in a team game.
As Demize wrote earlier in the year "Overall this team I believe will solidify themselves as a top 3 team as a minimum, the only thing in the way of this is themselves." it seems that they let ego get in the way of success.
Seeming to be unable to form a cohesive unit and with a lack of dedication, Vox has found themselves at the bottom of the Division.
When given the top talent in the region the team IGL Boomer was unable to do anything with it with a total of 1 win since June. Probably the least skilled player on the team and with a terrible attitude he was removed in August.
This has opened the door for Vox to try to establish a foothold in Division 1. Dedicated and talented players like Sixo and Fenix seem to be going to waste in this team. Sixo, is in my opinion, one of the top 3 players in the whole game. He is nicely supported by Fenix who brings a wealth of talent and experience to the team. Dexzeh seems to be great at solo play but unable to translate that skill to 5's.
Jordyx3 also falls into this category with his solo results not carrying over into a team based competition. It is a shame that Vox were unable to find success with such talented players. With some people leaving, maybe now with a few roster changes Vox will be able to achieve the results we thought they were capable of.

Honourable Mention

Midzy / Shetty / DeGGee / fLiPPeRs / Spags / spinal / Tekka

The loudest and proudest team in Division 2 is Team Folo. Reminding us all what we got into gaming for - A bit of fun. Team Folo are a group of IRL mates who seized the opportunity to compete with Australias best pretty early on. Their dedication is unmatched with over 93 games played in scrims and their team captain Midzy keeping a spreadsheet of their results. Spinal is their standout player with a nicely rounded skillset of aim and decision making. Spagz is always keen for a fight and well supported by Flippers. Shetty coordinates the players as IGL with Midzy providing the much-needed stability to the team. The Team Folo twitter is probably the most entertaining one you will find. Videos of the Folomobile cutting burnouts and hype pieces are great for the ANZ scene bringing some much-needed levity and fun.

So there are my thoughts on the ANZ competitive scene so far this year. Agree? Disagree? Write your own post and start a discussion. I am by no means an expert, just a dude with an opinion and a passion for the community who wants it to succeed. We often get forgotten about because we are a smaller region but with low player numbers we were able to grow a strong competitive scene. With no official support, Harry and Prevoqe have done an incredible thing for the ANZ H1 community. With just their own reputation as respected players and a discord server they were able to create an environment for us all to compete and brought the whole community together.

We didn't compete for skins or for money. We all competed for the love of the game, the respect of our peers and for the bragging rights amongst ourselves. The effect that they have had on the whole community can be seen everywhere you look in ANZ H1. People who would never have interacted with each other before are now friends thanks to Harry and Prev. The game itself would be dead in ANZ right now but Harry and Prev gave us all a reason to keep playing, to keep the community alive. While the Devs at Daybreak may never know the profound impact that ANZ scrims have had on the entire region, those of us who have been a part of it will always know and be thankful to them for it.

So huge thanks to Shades, Harry, Prevoqe, Demize, Synq and to all the players involved for gettting the scene to where it is now. Big changes are coming with the scrims moving to a private server and the combat update changing the game so much. The new Admin team has huge shoes to fill so hopefully they can keep taking this community in the right direction.


Written by Buucky.

Follow him on twitter @Buucky__





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